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Grunty's Spanking Vengeance

Rodrigo groaned in frustration,as he got a Game Over in Banjo Kazooie.He played many N64 games,but two in particular stood more tham others to him-Super Mario 64 and Banjo Kazooie.

That last one in particular,as Rodrigo didn't know why but he wanted his hardest to win! Little did he know the true reasons are more tham a mere game...

Rodrigo soon fell asleep on his bed,not knowing he'd wake up somewhere unexpected....

Gruntilda's Lair

Gruntilda Winkybunion,the witch defeated Banjo and Kazooie on her quiz,their lack of memorizing Brentilda's advices sealed their doom as they failed a Skull Pannel.

"Banjo's game ends in my tower,turn it up,I need full power!"  Grunty said,on the beauty transfer machine.

"Yes,your Gruntyship,transformation ssssssooon be complete...." Klungo said,turning the machine on.

"H-help m-me Banjo,I-I feel all funny..." Tooty whined,as Klungo only cheered and said "Bear and Bird finished,Grunty wins!"

Soon,it was done,and Grunty left the beauty transfer machine,looking at herself pleased she boasted,"Look at Grunty she's a beauty, I'm much prettier than Tooty!"

Mumbo Jumbo soon appeared,but instead of fighting he was atracted by her looks and showed her some flowers,"Grunty nice,go back to Mumbo's Skull,yes?"

Tooty soon left the machine.She was now a horrible monster,fat and with a terrible voice,just as ugly as Grunty used to be,due to her beauty being stolen! "Banjo!Your sister wants to have a word with!" she roared.

Tooty soon ran away.

"Come back here!!!" Klungo said,about to give chase,but Grunty raised her hand."No,Klungo,let her go,any use she might have had for me was lost long ago." the witch declared,going to the top of her tower.

Grunty smiled,she had her youth and beauty back,her powers were also returned to their prime.However,as easy as it would be to just walk over and conquer the Island of Hags now,it was too easy.Without that cursed bird and bear,she needed a rival to keep her sharp,one she can test her new powers on!

She was now returned to how she used to be at 15 years old,the age her powers and beauty were on their peak,with all the experience she accumulated during those years that weren't so nice to her.She was quick to freeze her aging this time,with a spell that she took years to master,and by the time she did it was too late.

However,even Brentilda,her sister,was useless as a rival now.Heck,Mingella and Blobbelda,working together,might not do much to the new Grunty!

Grunty sighed,as she looked at Dingpot. "To keep me sharp, a rival I need,who could help me with this little deed?"

She saw a boy fainted in front of Banjo's house,about her own(apparent) age of 15. "That kid I remember,he tried to stop me from taking Tooty,curse him to a long dream I did,but can he defeat me now that I am a beauty?" she wondered,in amusement,undoing her spell!

Spiral Mountain

Tooty cried.At first,she was furious with Banjo.He was too late,and this happened to her!But her anger was replaced by sadness,as she didn't find his brother anywhere....could the witch have done something to him?

However,she was soon surprised as she saw a 15 year old boy fainted in front of her brother's house.It was Rodrigo!

She remembered Rodrigo was babysitting her when her brother was asleep,when the witch came. He tried to protect her,and got quite a few solid hits too,however the witch aimed a spell at Tooty,forcing him to take the blow for her!

"Rodrigo!Wake up!Wake up,please!" the green skinned bear said,shaking him.

Rodrigo softly opened his eyes and yelped at the sight,backflipping and landing on his feet!"What the?!" he gasped,then looked around."Is that...Spiral Mountain?And did I just do a freakin' BACKFLIP like in Super Mario 64?Am I...dreaming?" he wondered.

"Don't be scared,please!I know it's hard,but can you recognise me?" Tooty asked,hopeful.

Rodrigo looked at her,remembering the "Game Over" screen. "Tooty...!" he gasped.

"You remember me!Great!So,Rodrigo,I need your help,please!" Tooty said.

Rodrigo shook his head."That's one heck of a know my name,I jump around like Mario,and am inside Banjo Kazooie.."

"Who's Mario?" Tooty asked,then shook her head."That's all wrong!Rodrigo,try to remember,you were hit with a spell,and didn't wake up untill now!You tried to save me,but you took that spell the witch tossed at me!" Tooty said.

"Spell...?Grunty...?I....can't remember this at all." Rodrigo sighed,shaking his head."But if you're like this,this means Grunty suceeded...."

Tooty nodded,sadly."Yes,she did....I don't know what happened to my brother,either....please,Rodrigo,I can't do anything right now.You're the last hope to make things right!" Tooty begged.

"I failed the game last time I tried....I dunno if I can...." Rodrigo mumbled.

"Rodrigo,please,there's no one else I can ask for help...." Tooty begged.

Rodrigo considered.One thing was to use a joystick and make Banjo and Kazooie go around kicking butt and taking names,another thing altogether was to be inside the game!But...that made no sense.Even if he was inside a game,there was no way of the story continuing after the "Game Over",and yet....

Could it be more tham a single game or even? It would explain,at least,why he felt so bad about the "Game Over" he got where he thought was his room. Maybe the dream was not here...?

Still,if he could save Tooty and set things right,he had to try!Either on what he thought was a game or what this Tooty before him says,the truth is he failed once.He had to make things right this time!

"Okay,Tooty.I'll try to make everything right,but you have to promise me you'll stay here and wait for me to come back." Rodrigo decided.

"Thanks a lot!I promise I'll stay here!" Tooty said.

Rodrigo ran up spiral mountain,and soon saw the bridge to Grunty's Lair....

He soon entered it.

Gruntilda's Lair

Most of the worlds seemed to be sealed again. Rodrigo looked around carefully,and was shocked as he heard a voice.It was young,but he could feel must belong to the mistress of this Lair!

"I see you returned,wandering along my Lair like a rat,give it up,you can't win,you brat!" Grunty said,smiling.

"Gruntilda....!Show yourself!" Rodrigo  demanded.

"Call me Grunty if you will,it is a better name for a beauty!Your memories you currently lack,you must pass through my lands if you want them back!" Grunty teased.

"My memories...?So,this isn't a dream?" Rodrigo asked.

"A dream it is not,but your hopes here might rot!" Grunty teased,laughing. At least he remembered his skills,so he might be a good rival!

Without team work of Banjo and Kazooie,Rodrigo had to improvise to get past the same obstacles. Wall jumping to get to the upper part of Grunty's lair,he soon reached Treasure Trove Cove!

Treasure Trove Cove

The boy managed to collect some Jiggies,and soon entered the Sand Castle,leaving Grunty wondering why she didn't just get rid of it!Still,even the evil witch has honor,so long as Rodrigo didn't cheat it would all go smootly....

....Unfortunately,be it dream or reality,Rodrigo remembered some things about the Banjo Kazooie game!

"Let's see,if I remember well,I can put in codes here.Unlike Banjo I don't have Kazooie,so I'll have to improvise...but I won't like it." Rodrigo groaned,starting to use hip drop on the letters!


Grunty was quite annoyed at this!Even she had standarts of what she approves or not!

"Stop this cheating,Grunty says,or your Game Pak I'll erase!" Grunty warned.

Rodrigo tilted his head."Game Pak?But I'm in no least I was starting to think I was not."

Grunty sighed in annoyance at her mistake,she saw a similar scenario in another dimension where Banjo Kazooie was only a game!

"Why do you make me repeat myself all the time,it's really hard to make those rhyme..." she groaned,to hide her embarassing mistake,then coughed before trying again,"Ahem!Stop this cheating,Grunty says,or this entire fan fiction I'll erase!"

Rodrigo tilted his head in confusion again. "I don't really think this is a fan fiction....but,even if it was,wouldn't this also erase your victory and return you to your old body?" he asked.

Grunty gasped!When she wanted for a rival to keep her sharp,she never thought she'd end up being saved by him!

"So,I CAN put in another code to acess another note door,can't I?" Rodrigo asked.

"Harrumph!I suppose that about the erasing the fan fiction problem you were right,but if you cheat again,Grunty'll still punish you for defying her might!" she warned.

Rodrigo wasn't sure she could do anything at this point,so he unwisely thought she was bluffing!


The witch was furious!She even warned the guy and everything and he disobeyed her to her face!

"You didn't listen,I'm amazed,so now you will be punished!" Grunty said,and Rodrigo vanished from the Sand Castle!

Top of the Tower

Rodrigo gasped."Where am....?!You are!"

Grunty,on her young,beautiful body,was there,a stern look in her eyes!

"Does this mean I am at the final boss already and you'll give my memories back and turn everything to normal after I beat you?" Rodrigo asked.

Grunty shook her head.Why did she care so much to do this?Well,she wanted a rival so much,and he did point out a mistake that almost cost her everything.Was that the reason?

Whatever it was,she decided he earned some punishment,and they could resume their mage vs warrior rivalry later!

She sighed."Impressed,I'm sure,but that's not the point,you were very bad,your cheating made Grunty quite mad!" she scolded.

Rodrigo gasped at the scolding!Why did she sound so strict?He had a bad feeling about this punishment! Still he asked carefully,"I was bad?Who is the one who just up and stole someone's beauty and is hiding what she knows about MY memories?"

Grunty still looked stern."Yet I still fought fair,there shall be no cheating on my lair!" she scolded.

Rodrigo didn't know why,but he felt bad at that particular scolding.She was right, she didn't just teleport him into a volcano or crushed him with a unending army of enemies!She was fighting fair to that point,and he was the one who cheated!

"Well,I'm sorry,but I wanted to reach here quickly...." Rodrigo tried,sweatdropping,as he noticed her sitting on a chair!

"You are not yet ready for the fight,more Jiggys to give you power you must find,but due to your cheating you will get quite a fright!" she said,patting her lap.

"W-w-what?!Aww,c'mon,I'm not a kid!" Rodrigo gasped,blushing.

"You behaved like a child and as a child you shall pay,over my lap,and no delay!" Grunty ordered.

Rodrigo groaned as he obeyed,a bit embarassed. He then gasped as his bottom was bared!

"H-hey,c'mon,you know why I was in a hurry to stop you!" Rodrigo protested,then yelped as the first spank fell on his bare butt! "OWWWWW!!!!"

"Shush boy,you were rather naughty,and no resisting,this place is under my spell,without enough Jiggies you cannot fight well!" Grunty scolded as she spanked.

Grunty's spanks stung quite a lot,possibly due to being back to a younger body!

"Oww,oww,ouch,but,but!" Rodrigo pleaded.

Grunty alternated cheeks,"The only butt here is yours,make no mistake,to teach you that cheating does not make things a piece of cake!" she scolded.

Rodrigo squirmed and was soon sniffling,but the witch just continued.

Both Grunty and Rodrigo were confused about this.If she was mad,why not make things harder instead of punishing him?

Maybe,just maybe,there is still a bit of honor in her,the sniffling Rodrigo wondered as tears formed on his eyes? Grunty herself wondered if it was because this boy,the same age as the age she made her body,was the one she choose as her rival instead of a real enemy?

Whatever reason it was,Grunty knew she should make sure he would not cheat again! She spanked all over his butt!

"Waaaaaaaahhh,p-please no more..." Rodrigo was forced to sob.

"The duration of your spanking is for me to decide,you shall pay for this cheating through your backside!" she scolded.

Rodrigo bawled harder as she  soon moved to the sitspots!

"Quickly anwser Grunty,if you wish for your punishment to end,what have you learned,from the spanking you so richly earned?" she sternly asked.

"Waaahhh....t-that no matter who I'm fighting,cheating is unnaceptable..." Rodrigo bawled.

Grunty nodded."And what shall happen if you again,decide to cheat within my domain?" she asked,three harder ones to the sitspots to end.

"Waaaaaaahh,I'll get spanked....!" Rodrigo bawled.

Grunty helped him up and pointed to a wall on the tower."Now to the corner,you shall go,and make haste,otherwise from my hand your bottom shall have another taste!"

Rodrigo didn't have to be told twice!

As he sobbed,he realised she had a point.There was no real point in making things right if he cheated to do so,he'd be the one being unfair if he did!Though he still knew he had to face her,he also was somewhat gratefull for the lesson she taught him!

Grunty's stern look softened,as she saw his time out.She sighed ten minutes later,wondering why she wanted to do this,but instead of banishing him back to the sand castle imediatly,she called Rodrigo over and gently conforted him!

"W-why?" Rodrigo asked,sniffling as he was hugged,but hugged her back.

"I do not know,perhaps I do not want you weakened for this show." Grunty humphed,she was not sure herself. "Now back to where you came from you shall go,but fight fair,otherwise you shall find your behind facing the air!" she warned.

Rodrigo gulped and quickly nodded."O-okay.I'll get back here but this time I'll fight you fair and square."

The witch sent Rodrigo back to Treasure Trove Cove,where to add insult to injury she had him appear a few feet above the ground,so he'd fall on his sore behind!

"OWWWWW!Owwowowowow,really?!" Rodrigo said,annoyed.

"What's wrong,Rodrigo,was that too tough?Let me know when you had enough!" Grunty said,laughing.

"Haha,very funny." Rodrigo grumbled,rubbing his butt. He was SO going to return the favor when he earned the Jiggies to get to her!

I just got Banjo Kazooie for my Nintendo 64,so I decided,why not making a fanfic of it? ^_^

I decided to make one with the beautiful version of Grunty from the Game Over of the game,I always wondered why they didn't expand on what happened there. The references to Mario 64 are both because it is one of my favorite n64 games,and because without Banjo and Kazooie being able to fight I had to give Rodrigo a set of moves,lol.

 Rodrigo,my OC,who thought was a normal boy that played the game,finds himself on Spiral Mountain,in a mission to recover Tooty's beauty and restore Banjo and Kazooie to life, a task easier said tham done with Grunty having a new body on the peak of her powers. However,when he cheated on his quest,his new rival decides a punishment is in order for him...

Hope you guys like it, cause it was really hard to make all of Grunty's speech rhyme! O_O Except for the few ones I got from the game,I even managed to make her rhyme through the spanking scene! ^_^

Oh,and don't worry,I am thinking on eventually continuing the story with her comeuppance...but I'll find a way to find a happy ending for everyone! Yeah,that means even Grunty will keep her beautiful form from the Game Over Screen at the same time Tooty recovers her old body.I dunno how I'll manage this,but I will find a way!

Anyway,enjoy,everyone! ^_^

(PS: The title is an homage to Grunty's Code Vengeance from the game. ^_^ )
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