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It was a long vacation,with many ups and downs for Ben Tennyson. He was upset that his cousin Gwen came with him and Uncle Max on his vacation!

For a long time,Gwen and Ben couldn't stand each other.They were always teasing and arguing with each other!

"Gimme my PC,you brat!"

"This mp3 is mine!"

"We'll do our birthday party on this place!"

"We'll do it on that place!"

They just couldn't agree on anything!

And things would get worse....or would it be better?

"Okay,you two,I have to go get our hotel rooms.You two stay here and behave." Max said,as he was leaving the rustbucket.

"Whaaa?!Grandpa,why?I can behave!" Gwen protested.

"You mean WE can,right?" Ben asked.

Gwen rolled her eyes."Yeah,right,you twerp.Who got us kicked out from the last hotel?"

"It's not my fault that guy takes everything seriously!" Ben said,glaring at her.

"It's not?!You snuck inside-" Gwen began.

"Okay,that's enough,stop arguing for once!" Max said,sighing. As he left he wondered,"When will those two get along?!"

Five minutes later.

Gwen was reading a book when she noticed Ben about to leave. "Where are you going,twerp?Grandpa told us to stay here."

"And since when I listen?I'll just go see what's taking him so long and come back.He won't even notice." Ben smirked.

"You're askin' for trouble!Every time you do this,you get us both in trouble!" Gwen said,annoyed.

"Oh,stop bein' a stick on the mud!I'll just turn into XLR8,and be there and back in a flash!" Ben said.

"Ben,I'm warning you!" Gwen said.

Ben activated the Omnitrix...

....And became Four Arms!

"Four arms!Wait,what?Dumb watch!" Ben complained.

"Oh,way to go,twerp.They'll never see you coming." Gwen said,smiling.

"Oh,shut up.I can still go back and back by jumping." Ben said,as he tried to jump away!

"Oh no you won't!Get back here!" Gwen said,using her powers and barely being able to pull him back with a spell!

"Just leggo already!" Ben said,stomping the ground to make her trip.

"I will not let you get us into trouble this time!"

Their arguing ended up with some pushing(Ben was not as stupid as he is reckless,he made sure not to hurt her) and spells,untill the watch timed out.

After it did,Gwen sighed."Ben,look,we almost took this arguing too far.

Ben groaned."Well,if you just let me go..."

"Ben!" Gwen said,annoyed.

Ben sighed."Okay,okay,I admit,we could have hurt each other.I just hate to admit it,is all."

Gwen nodded."I know you do." she said,lightly smiling,then sighed."Look,we gotta make sure this won't happen again."

"Well,how do we do it?" Ben asked.

"I think I know a way...but we won't like." Gwen sighed.

"Ehh....if we won't like,maybe we shouldn't do it?" Ben asked,feeling nervous for some reason.He had a bad feeling!

"Sorry,we have to do it.Or you'd rather risk us hitting each other for real?Imagine grandpa's face!What about our parents?Would a hero really make everyone sad?" Gwen said.

"Okay,okay,I get your point,sheesh!" Ben said,as Gwen managed to convince him again!

"Well,the only punishment I can think of that fits what we did back there is..."

Ben gulped and listened close...

"....A good spanking on our bare butts." Gwen said,blushing on embarassement.

Ben almost fell flat on his soon to be sore butt! "Wait,could you run that last one past me again?! A good WHAT on our WHERE?!!" he yelled,shocked!

"A good spanking on our bare butts.As in taking each other over the knee and slap slap slap,that kinda spanking!" Gwen said.

"Ya can't be serious!I don't get spanked home!" Ben protested.

(Gee,why am I not surprised?) Gwen thought,but shook her head."Sorry,ya know I'm right!We did go too far this time,and grandpa Max isn't here to see or hear it so it's the best time to handle our punishment.Do you wanna get grounded forever?" Gwen pointed out.

"I-I'm not getting my bare butt over your lap,let alone slapped!" Ben protested.

"Look,,Ben.We are gonna remember this lesson every time we sit down for a week,and then we'll know it won't happen again!" Gwen said.

"No way!" Ben said,stubborn and embarassed.

Gwen was almost losing her patience,but had a last ace upon her sleeve. "...Tch,just be glad you get to slap my bum." she said,annoyed.

Ben smirked,"Well,when you put things like that." he decided. Hitting her without injuring her AND he wouldn't be tattled on for it?It was every annoyed cousin's dream! "But I'll go first!"

Gwen blinked."Why you first?!" she gasped.

"Yeah,you're right." Ben realised,"I gotta wait for the watch to recharge and-"

"What?Nononono,no watches!" Gwen said,eyes narrowed.

"Why not?!I never got spanked before,but shouldn't the one doing the spanking get to decide how they'll do it?!" Ben asked.

"First,I know more about spankings tham you do,so I know how it's done!" Gwen began.

Ben was about to complain that it's obvious how it's done,just take someone over the knee,bare their butt and spank it!

But Gwen raised her hand to interrupt him. "Second,we using aliens and magic on each other is what put us on this mess to begin with!" Gwen pointed out.

Ben groaned."W-well,yeah,you might be right...but...."

"And third,we wanna make each other's butt red and teach a lesson,not break them in half!" Gwen finished.

Ben sweatdropped,now realising the obvious flaw on his plan!

"Okay,okay,I get your point." he said sitting down.

Gwen groaned.It was her idea,but it didn't mean it was easy! She went over his lap,and blushed as her butt was bared.

"Ehh....bare already?Couldn't we get a warm up first?" she tried.

"Nope!Now you're gonna get it..." Ben said,landing the first spank!

"Owww!Go easy!" Gwen whined.

"If I went it wouldn't be a punishment,right?" Ben pointed out,smirking as he spanked.

"Oww,y-yeah,but....owwie!" Gwen yelped.

"Yeah,your butt.Red!" Ben said.

He soon alternated cheeks.

Gwen started squirming!

Ben smirked.It was so fun!He couldn't believe this was happening...

....but then he realised that if he got carried punch with too much strenght,and Gwen would....

"Owwie....a-are you done?" Gwen asked,hopeful,then felt a harder spank! "OWWWWW!"

"No,not by a long shot!You know you should just have let me go....!" Ben said,going all over her butt.

"Owwww!Owwie!Ouch!C-c'mon,are you still annoyed about that?!I couldn't just-" Gwen said,tearing up.

"It's not about me,it's about you!What if I hit too hard?!You shouldn't just go and try to stop Four Arms!" Ben scolded,still spanking!

Gwen gasped,and sniffled."B-Ben...."

But her cousin was unusually serious,as he spanked her sitspots!

"W-waaaaaaahhh!Please,I'm sorrryyyyy!" Gwen pleaded.

"Gwen,what are you learning?" Ben asked,not stopping Gwen's sitspots warming.

"S-sob!N-not to...b-be reckless...!" Gwen sobbed.

"And what'll happen if you're reckless?" Ben gave ten harder ones to end.

"Waaaaahhh!I-I'll be spankeeeeed!" Gwen bawled.

Ben nodded."Okay,Gwen,your spanking is done."

Gwen still cried.It stung so much!She'd tottaly need pillows to sit down!

However,she eventually calmed down.

"Okay,Ben,time for your punishment!" she said,as she did.

"Aww,c'mon,Gwen!You saw I learned my lesson as I punished you,right?" Ben tried,hopeful.

"I'm glad you realise what we did back there,but your butt'll serve as a reminder to NEVER do this again!" Gwen said,wincing as she sat down,and turned Ben over her lap!

"Aww,Gwen!Remember,I never got this before!" Ben said.

"Hmph,I'm sure you'd behave much better if aunt did this before." Gwen scolded,baring his bottom.

Ben blushed.Here he was,over a girl's lap with his butt bared!To make it worse,it was Gwen,the one he is always arguing with! "Oh,please...!" he tried.

But Gwen was stern,as she landed the first... SPANK!

"OUCH!!!" Ben yelped.

Gwen ignored his yelp.She was going to teach Ben the same lesson she had to learn! SPANK!SPANK!SPANK!

Gwen soon alternated cheeks,scolding,"Ben,I can't believe you!First,you almost get us both in trouble with grandpa,and then that fight we got on with each other?You're not gonna sit down for quite a while!"  SPANK!SPANK!SPANK!

"OWWW!Ouch!Yooooowww!Gwen,please!I learned my lesson!" Ben pleaded as he squirmed....he couldn't believe how HARD she could spank!

"I'll decide when you learned.And I hope you get your act together and start behaving!" Gwen said. SPANK!SPANK!SPANK!

"Owwwie!Owww...yeow....but,but...!" Ben groaned,Gwen's stinging slaps soon turned his butt pink!

"Yeah,that's right.This butt here?It'll be red and hot by the time we're done!" Gwen said,she would be firm till the end. SPANK!SPANK!SPANK!

Despite his best efforts,Ben couldn't stop the tears that came to his eyes... "Owww.....G-Gwen,please,that's too much....m-my butt,it's hot enough!" he sniffled.

However,Gwen just moved to the sitspots...

"WAAAAAHH!!!Gwen,no more!I-I won't do it agaaaaain!" Ben soon bawled.

"Okay,Ben.Your spanking is almost over.Now,what are you learning?" Gwen asked.

"T-to n-not *sniffle* d-disobey grandpa....*sob!* o-or get us in trouble....*sniffle,sob* a-and never use my aliens on you,it's dangerouuus!Waaaaaahhhh...!!!" Ben bawled.

Gwen nodded."And if it happens again?" she asked,stern.

"Waaaaahhh!A bare butt spankiiiiiiinnnggggg!!!!" Ben bawled..

Gwen gave ten more and stopped. Once Ben calmed down,however.....

"M-man,look at how red our butts are....ya spank hard!" Ben said.

"Y-yeah,you're no slouch either..." Gwen sighed."But we learned our lessons,so I think we can do something about the sting..." she said,taking a cold cream from her backpack.

"Will this help?" Ben asked.

"Yeah.C'mon,I'll even let you go first again.Over my lap.Don't worry,it ain't for another spanking,this time." Gwen said.

Ben sighed on relief at the cold cream applied to his butt,Gwen felt much better when Ben applied it on her butt as well. They aren't embarassed anymore...they did just get spanked by each other,after all!

Once they applied it,their butts felt much better!

"Okay,we'll keep this a secret from grandpa,kay?"Ben asked.

"Okay.But,from now on,if one of us get too outta line,it's over the other's knee for a good spanking,got that?" Gwen warned.

Ben sweatdropped. "We gotta do this again?"

"Of course!It does work,right?If we don't learn from one end,we'll learn from the other!" Gwen decided.

Ben groaned but then sighed and nodded."Well,we'll keep it a secret,and....I think I learned a lesson from this....okay,Gwen,if either of us misbehaves too much,it's red butt time."

Gwen nodded,and the cousins surprisingly hugged each other,to confort them. The two couldn't help but wince a bit when they finnaly covered their bottoms,though thanks to Gwen's lotion it didn't hurt that much!

"....I'm still gonna prank you though,dweeb.Not too much as to not go over your knee,but I still will." Ben promised,smirking.

Gwen sighed but smirked as well. "And I will still tease ya,twerp.But taking care to not earn a bum warming."

Max was surprised once he returned,and saw Ben and Gwen talking cheerfully with each other for the first time in a while on those vacation!

"What happened while I was out?" he wondered,but smiled at the scene!

Gwen and Ben finnaly go too far on their arguing while Max wasn't around,using spells and aliens in a brief squirmish! Both cousins realise that, so they decide to punish each other in a way they'll remember when sitting for quite a while!
The commissioner wanted to stay anonymous,but I hope you like!
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