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Hetalia-The War's End...or maybe not!

Last time we saw them,Sweden decided to preemptively stop Poland's attacks by taking over.

He knew Sweden would NEVER give up...unless he was forced to do so.

However,Poland was training a lot!

Realising this,Sweden had to resort to go for the weakspot-Poland's bared feet,which he tickled to weaken him!

The final blow was a very,very painful spanking!

It seemed Poland accepted the terms of the surrender...but Poland went back on his word!

Sweden wouldn't have any of this! He gave a extra sound spanking,untill Poland surrendered for good!

".......As of now,you are forbidden to attend Catholic Mass.Consider it a punishment for going back on your word." Sweden said.

"What?!You can't do this!" Poland protested.

Sweden sighed."Well,I beg to differ.After all,do remember you are now under my command.The order stands untill I am absolutely sure your lesson has been learned."

"Grr...." Poland growled.

"Unless,of course,you plan on challenging me.I do hope you know this will only result in corporal punishment." Sweden said.

"But that is not fair!" Poland protested.

" I'd say it is,given your usual behavior.Dismissed." Sweden said.

Poland couldn't accept it! Who does Sweden think he is,to give those kinds of orders?

Oh,no,it would not end like this!No way!

In a moment of distraction,Poland disguised himself...

.......And attended the Mass!

Sweden was no fool,however.Once Poland got back home,he was waiting for him!

Poland gasped."H-hey...what are you doing here?"

" you really think me so naive?" Sweden asked.

"I don't know what you're talkin' about..."

"I know of your little escapade.Going behind my back,disobeying my order..." Sweden said.

"I didn't disobey anythin'!" Poland protested,feigning indignation.

"Poland.I know you.I had spies watch your every move." Sweden explained!

"What?!How come?!" Poland gasped.

"Well,I know you well.I figured it would be wise to make sure." Sweden said.

"Gh....huh..." Poland groaned.

"And it is unfortunate that I was right."

Poland groaned."W-what now?"

"You should know well." Sweden said,grabbing Poland's hand.

"W-what...?!" Poland said,then gasped,as he was put over the knee!

"I do believe I made myself perfectly clear on the consequences of disobedience." Sweden said.

"B-but you were infriging on my rights!" Poland whined.

"While I am responsable for you,I make the rules.You needed to learn a lesson for your constant attacks...and now,you need to learn to obey." Sweden said.

"Ugh,c'mon!I'm not your slave!" Poland growled. This situation was so annoying!

"Indeed not. But I am making sure you will stop those wars on the future.Some prohibitions,as well as consequences for failing to heed them,are there to this end." Sweden replied,baring his butt.

"Gah...t-this is not...I mean,another way could be found...!" Poland groaned.

Sweden merely sighed patiently. After adjusting his glasses,he said, "....Well,let us begin." as he landed the first spank!

"OWWWW!But you can't simply forbid me from going to the Mass!" Poland groaned.

"I think you know me.I evaluated every possibility,every scenario.This was the most efficient way to get you to learn." Sweden said.

He kept spanking.

Poland squirmed,as the hand spanked,but thought he could take this without crying,used to butt warmings by now.

Unfortunately,after about a minute of the hand spanking,Sweden grabbed his belt!

Poland sighed on relief,as it seemed to stop....only for him to feel something too hard to be the hand!


He turned around,and saw he was being spanked by a belt!

"Oww!Oww!Owwie!Ouch!You can't do that!" Poland whined.

"On that point,you would be wrong.I can...and I will." Sweden said.

And the belt kept going down....

Poland squirmed,yelped,and whined! That belt,it stung so much!

His butt got pink quite fast...

"Oww,ouch,what,owwie,makes you think,owww,this is the best way?!" Poland whined.

"It is something you look for a long time." Sweden explained. "Thus be forbidden from it is an effective punishment,an incentive for you to behave.

He alternated cheeks....


But time went on.The minutes flew,this had to be the harshest spanking he ever got!

Soon,the belt hit all over the butt!

Poland sobbed,as he began pleading.But mercy didn't come....

"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!Stooooop!Pleaseeeeeee!!!" Poland sobbed!

Sweden moved to the sitspots....

"Are you going to listen to what I say from here on out?" Sweden asked.

"Yes!Yeeeeeeeeeesssss!!!!!" Poland bawled,"I sweeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaarrrr!!!"

Sweden nodded.

Poland bawled as he was helped up.

"Well,you did enough mischief today.Stay here and do not leave." Sweden warned.

Poland sobbed. "Aww,please....I learned...!"

Sweden raised an eyebrown. "Need I resume the spanking,for you to listen?"

Poland gasped."No!No!I promiseeeeeeeeeee!!!"

Sweden nodded and left.

As he rested,Poland thought on a way to get revenge and get free....

After sometime,Poland left his house. But Sweden had it with Poland's constant disobedience!

He decided Poland needed a lesson....only spanking wasn't working-when a child is disobedient,maybe they neeed their toys taken away...

With his idea in mind,Sweden went to Poland's house...

Time went on.....

Poland arrived on his home.....only to see everything missing!Even the doors!

"What the heck?!" Poland yelled,then blinked as he heard a familiar voice, "Oh,you arrived."

"Sweden!Where is my stuff?!" Poland demanded.

"Safely put away.It is a punishment for your behavior lately." Sweden said.

"Oh,I had enough of you ordering me around and giving punishments as if I was a kid!" Poland said,rushing him.

Sweden sighed. "You see,that's the sort of behavior I was talking about.If I want you to stop the war,I need you to behave.I do hope this will be a incentive..."

He blocked the blow,and pushed Poland to a chair! As Poland fell in a sitting position,Sweden quickly tied him up and took his shoes away!

Poland grunted."Hey!Leggo!Right now!"

".......Hmph.Still you do not understand.Giving orders shall not work here.I'll leave you here for a while so that you reflect."

Poland gasped."What?Don't you dare!"

"I already did.I shall see you later...." Sweden said,as he walked away.

"HEY!Come back here!" Poland said.

However Sweden ignored his protests as he left!

Poland yelled,as he tried to get free,but failed!

Soon,he heard steps nearby...

"Hey!Here!Help!" Poland yelled...

However,it was a kid. "Who are you?" the boy asked.

"I'll tell you later,but release me first!" Poland pleaded.

The kid looked at his feet and smiled."I'll let you go later."

Poland sweatdropped."Later?Why?"

The kid just giggled as he began tickling Poland's feet!

"Hahahaha!H-hey,what you're doin?!" Poland yelled.

"Tickling ya." the kid pointed out as if it was obvious,giggling.

Poland squirmed harder! "Heh..hahaha,that I noticed,I meant why?!"

The kid tickled all over. "Cause it's funny!"

While he was laughing-he was real ticklish!-this made Poland mad!

"Haha,w-why is it funny?!" Poland demanded.

"Cause you make real funny faces when being tickled!" the kid said.

The kid kept giggling,he was having too much fun!

He made sure not to leave any part of the feet untickled. When would he get the chance to do this again?

"Aww,c'mon!Enough,ENOOOOOOOOOOOOUGH!" Poland yelled.

"Aww,so soon?" the kid whined,frowning.

"I-it isn't soon!" Poland protested."You've been doing this for a while!"

The kid stopped for a while,making Poland sigh on relief.Maybe the kid understood him.....


...Or maybe not!

"Didn't you hear anything I said?!" Poland whined.

The boy nodded."Yep,I did!" he said.

"Th-then why not stop?!" Poland asked.

"Cause I'm still having fun!I won't stop anytime soon!" he declared!

"W-what did you jus-hahahahaha!!!"

The kid tickled the toes.

"Oh,c'mon!!D-don't-hahaha-you have anything better to do?" Poland asked.

"Nope!" the kid  cutely said.

Poland squirmed harder!

The kid was now tickling all over the foot!

Poland groaned,he couldn't take it anymore!

And yet the kid didn't stop,having a lot of fun!

The time kept going,Poland tried his hardest to squirm.

"Hahahaha....i-if I wasn't stuck here....!"

The kid laughed."Don't worry,just a few more!"

" many?!" Poland demanded.

He groaned,however,as the kid laughed instead of anwsering!

However,as Poland squirmed,the chair fell with him still on it!

The kid was surprised,but was about to continue...

However,the fall was helping Poland,unaware though the boy was!

The kid was now moving to the bottom of the feet.

Poland had tears in his face from so much laughing!

Due to the fall and the squirming,however,Poland wasn't tied as tightly anymore!

Eventually,he got free!

The kid sweatdropped nervously! "E-eh...huh....well.."

Poland got up. "I'm so gonna get ya for this...."

Soon,Poland was chasing the kid around!

He chased the boy all over the house,but he was too fast!

Soon,the boy escaped!

"Darn it!Come back here!" Poland yelled,but panted."...He's gone.Man he's fast."

Indeed,the boy was long gone,and now Poland had more things to do!

"Sigh,I'm SO gonna spank that kid if I run into him again..." Poland mumbled,"But now,I gotta get my things back somehow."

Sweden couldn't possibly know he escaped....could he?

Poland left his house,trying to get his things back.To do so,he'd need to know where Sweden put them.

And he also had to think on a way to get his revenge!

"Grr...things won't end like this,Sweden.You just wait!" Poland declared.

Another of Sweden's attempts at teaching a lesson failed,Poland wouldn't end their war so soon!

Sweden again tried to punish Poland into stoping the war. After a spanking didn't work,maybe giving him time to reflect while ensuring he won't ignore him this time might work...right?

Unfortunately for Poland, a certain kid took advantage of his current situation to have fun by tickling him....

Commission for Jifan,hope it's good enough.
animegirl2012 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Oooh, how I'd love to find myself at Berwald's mercy like that..! >///<
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