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Undertale- The Price of Recklesness

Asgore had a plan.For it to succed,he needed SOULS....human SOULS,to be exact.

Undyne was among the monsters who intended to help him. With those SOULS, Asgore could break through the barrier keeping the monsters in the Underground!

She also didn't trust humans,knowing what kind of war and violence they are able to do.Because of this,she wouldn't hesitate in her mission!

However,not all monsters believe the humans are so bad....

In the Underground there is a Monster Kid. He is young,and Undyne might say he isn't experient on the ways of the world.

He loved to play and make friends,and was so curious!

And his curiosity brought him together to a certain human....

The Monster Kid met said human child,named Frisk in Snowdin. "Yo! You're a kid too, right? I can tell 'cause you're wearing a striped shirt." he said,smiling.

They went together to Waterfall,and many things happened. Frisk took a Umbrella to help their new friend,and Monster Kid also helped Frisk climb a ledge.

All the time,Monster Kid told Frisk about Undyne,his role model,believing Frisk wanted to sneak out to see her as he was doing!

"She's the coolest right!? I wanna be just like her when I grow up... Hey, don't tell my parents I'm here. Ha ha.Man, Undyne is sooooooo cool. She beats up bad guys and NEVER loses. If I was a human, I would wet the bed every night... ... knowing she was gonna beat me up! Ha ha!"

"...." Frisk didn't anwser,sighing.How would Monster Kid react,after all,if he knew he was talking to said human,Frisk wondered?

Sadly,an armored monster kept chasing Frisk,intending to kill the child!However,due to Monster Kid being often in the wrong place at the wrong time,she was forced to stop her attack often!

Said monster was none other than Undyne!

(Darn it,why is this kid near the human?!He'll just get hurt!) Undyne thought,in annoyance.

The Monster Kid was unaware she wanted to kill Frisk! "It's kinda wierd how you got so much attention from Undyne,ya know?I'm kinda jealous...haha,isn't she the coolest,though?You won't see a stronger heroine around here!"

"We can talk and walk at the same time,right?I don't really wanna her attention..." Frisk said.

"Oh,you're shy?!Don't worry!Undyne is real nice!I'm sure you'll agree when you meet her...." Monster Kid said.

As the two were hidden on the grass,Undyne tried to hit Frisk with her spear,only to almost hit the Monster Kid! (W-what the heck?!) Undyne thought.

"Woah!It's Undyne!" Monster Kid said,excited....

Only to be surprised. Undyne grabbed where his ear would be,dragging him away!

"Owww!Eh,miss Undyne,you can just carry me if you want.It kinda stings to be dragged like this!" Monster Kid said.

Undyne sighed."That's the point,kiddo.We're gonna have a long talk,and another part of your body's gonna sting WAY more by the time we're done!" she promised.

The Monster Kid was SO confused about that!

Soon,they were on a private place,and Undyne let go of him. "Okay,brat.Start talking!" Undyne demanded,"What the heck you thought you were doing there?!"

"I was walking with my friend.I think you mistook my friend for a bad guy,Frisk is real nice!" Monster Kid said.

Undyne sighed."Kid,don't you know your supposed friend is a human?!"

"No way!M-maybe you are mistaken?"

Undyne shook her head."Kiddo,I know humans all too well."

The Monster Kid gulped in surprise,but then blinked as Undyne picked him up. "Speaking of which,what were you doing alone?"

"I-I...snuck out to see you..." he said.

"You snuck out to-" Undyne said,and sighed."Look,kid.I'm glad you look up to me,but you can't doing dangerous things.What if you got injured?What then?"

"Cause I know you'll protect me like everyone!My friend gotta know it was all a misunderstanding!" Monster Kid said.

Undyne shook her head."It was no misunderstanding.Besides,you realise I could have hit you by accident,back there?!" she scolded.

Monster Kid winced as he remembered the spear almost hitting him. "I-I'm sorry...."

"You will be,after your butt whoopin',kiddo!" Undyne scolded.

"Butt WHAT?Ya lost me there." Monster Kid said.

Undyne blinked."Ya know,a spanking?"

Monster Kid still seemed confused!

Undyne sighed."Well,kid,basically,I'm gonna hit your butt lots of times till you learn."

Monster Kid gasped! "But that'll hurt!" he whined.

"That's the general idea." Undyne said,taking the Monster Kid over her lap,and pulling his shorts and undies down.Her spear then turned into a paddle-perfect to warm little butts!

He blushed at his role model being able to see his bare butt,let alone hit it!

"P-please!I didn't mean to be bad!" Monster Kid pleaded.

"Yep,I know that.But you still need to be careful!" Undyne scolded,as the stinging paddling began!

"O-owwwwwww!M-Miss Undyne!" he pleaded.

"Sorry,but ya earned that!What if I had hurt you by accident,what then?!I'd NEVER forgive myself!" Undyne scolded,as she kept spanking his little butt.

Monster Kid winced and squirmed!Though,he knew he earned it.....if only it didn't sting so MUCH!

Undyne herself just alternated cheeks,but it stung even more."Kid,I hope you are learning a lesson or two!" she scolded.

"Owww!Ouch,owwoowow!Miss Undyne,it hurts!Owww!It stings so much,please stop!

"I'll stop when you learn that lesson,kiddo.No sooner!" Undyne firmly said,now spanking all over the monster kid's butt.


Monster Kid's eyes teared up,as he was about to break bawling."B-but..."

But Undyne didn't SPARE Monster Kid's butt,no way!No MERCY would be given untill she was sure he'd never be so reckless again! "Yeah,your butt?Gonna be REAL red by the time we're done.You won't be sitting for a while!" she said.

Monster Kid sniffled."P-please.....n-no more..."

But Undyne moved to his sitspots.


"Oh,really?Then tell me what you have learned." she demanded.

"W-waaaahh...t-to n-not sneak away f-from home...o-or...*SOB!* be r-reckless!!!" Monster Kid bawled.

"That's right.And if you do it again,what's gonna happen?" Undyne asked.

"Waaaaaaaahhh!Sob!Sniffle!I'm gonna get my bottom spankeeeeeeed!"

Undyne finnaly stopped.She didn't like to make the kid cry,and so she gave the best hug she could.

"I'm sorry....*sniffle* I'm SOOOWWWWYYY!!!" Monster Kid sobbed.

"Yeah,kiddo,I hear ya.I know you learned.But really,you gotta be more careful.I don't wanna you to go and get yourself killed,see?" Undyne said.

Monster Kid nodded."T-thanks for caring about me....." he said,managing to force a smile.

Undyne nodded."It's okay.But now,I gotta go back to my work.Stay here." she commanded.

However,though happy that his role model care about him,Monster Kid had to know if Frisk was really a human!Even after his punishment,he went after his friend....for the well being of all monsters,and Undyne's!

Monster Kid was quite reckless,being in the wrong place at the wrong time often as Undyne chased Frisk.And once he almost get hurt by her spear,Undyne decides to teach him  not to be so careless!

The commissioner wanted to stay anonimous.Hope you like it!
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