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Be Careful With Documents!

This is a story that happened once again on Ludwig's office.And once again,Manda managed to get herself in trouble!

A few explanations might be in order.Germany,or Ludwig,as you might recall,does not tolerate any mistakes! Making mistakes is a good way to land in serious trouble with him.

Now Manda, his 21 years old,blonde secretary,was well aware of it.Because she still remembers what happened last time she got in trouble!

After her first punishment,she knew what mistakes would cost her....a good bare bottomed spanking!

And now,she knew it just might happen again....

"Oh no,oh no,oh no!How could I have deleted that file?!" Manda groaned."Ludwig'll kill me...or at least my butt!"

she had just deleted a VERY critical file!

"Manda,why are you so nervous?" Ludwig's voice came.

Manda gasped at that! "N-no,it's nothing,sir!I'm just going over the files,you may,huh,go to your office and leave this to me!" she said,nervous.

Ludwig raised an eyebrown. "Are you quite sure of that?You seem to be very upset..."

"I-I'm sure,sir!Leave it to me,it's nothing!" Manda said,lightly pushing him to his office,"Besides,you have lots of important business,right?"

"Manda,stop pushing me!" Ludwig sternly said,making her wince, "I can go on my own legs,thank you very much."

He looked at her,still suspecting something,but went to his office.

"What to do,what to do?I didn't even read the document!Unless I find out what was on it,Ludwig will find out!"

Manda was so scared!What could she do?!

She looked at other files,none seemed to have anything missing!

She groaned,she winced,she sweatdropped! It seemed there was no way out of this!

"Manda,could you organize a few files for me?"

"J-just one second,sir!" Manda pleaded.

"Excuse me?" Ludwig asked,not used to Manda asking for time before fulfilling an order!

Manda winced."Just a little while,I'm...huh,finishing a file you asked for me to do first thing today!" she tried.

"Oh,I see." Ludwig nodded. "Carry on,then."

Manda sighed on relief.

However,as time went on and on,she was still unable to find a way out of this mess!

She began sniffling!

"Oh,what,what can I do?I HATE mistakes too.And so does Ludwig.....he'll be so mad...." Manda sniffled.

Someone tapped her shoulder.

"I can already see him stern,scolding me for this...."

The taps got louder!

"Ugh,it's almost as if he is even here,tapping my shoulder to get my attention!" she whined.


"YAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!" Manda yelled,startled. "S-Sir?!S-since when you were here?!" she asked.

Ludwig sighed."Time enough,it seems.Now what did you get yourself into this time?"

"Sir,I....I just...." Manda said,trying to think.

SPANK!His hand hit her butt!

"OWWW!S-Sir!" Manda whined.

"The TRUTH,young lady.Right now." Ludwig ordered.

Manda groaned."T-there was this important file..."

"And?" Ludwig asked,raising an eyebrown.

"I-I deleted it by accident!I'm really,really,REALLY sorry!" she whined. "I don't even know what it had!"

"....." Ludwig looked over her shoulder. "B-37."

"W-what,sir?" she nervously asked.

"You deleted the file B-37." Ludwig clarified.

He went in his office,confusing her....

....and came back,with a cd labeled B-37!

"....This one,is the file you deleted." Ludwig said!

Manda gasped. "S-sir!You had it on you all along?!"

Ludwig nodded."I keep back-ups of the most important files,so that if something like this happen,they are safe.A good lesson for the future.Keep it in mind." he said.

Manda blushed in light embarassement."I-I will,sir."

"Now,then,to deal with your current predictament." Ludwig said.

Manda gasped."But sir!Haven't all ended well?"

"There's still the mistake you commited,that would have earned you a hand spanking." Ludwig pointed out.

"Oh,sir,I'm sorry-wait,WOULD?!" Manda asked,worried!

"Would.But then you just had to dig yourself in deeper by lying to my face,right?" Ludwig said,taking her by the ear to his office!

"Owowowowow....s-sir,please,I was scared!" she said.

"And you now have a reason to be more scared,I suppose." he said,sighing,as he bared her butt.

Manda blushed. "P-please..." she said,as she was put over his lap....

And feeling something hard hitting her butt! "OOOOOOOOOWWWW!!!"

she turned and gasped,noticing he was spanking her with a hairbrush!

"Owww!S-sir please,I-ow!Learned my lesson,owww....hsss,promise!" Manda whined in pain.

"At the spanking's begginning only?Hardly believable." Ludwig said,alternating cheeks.


As the spanking continued,she squirmed harder.

"Siiiiiiiiirrrrr!!!" Manda whined.

"I hope this will teach you a sound lesson." he said,going all over her butt.

"Owwie!Sniff,it is!It is,sir!Please,forgive me!" she pleaded.

She lost count of how many spanks she got!It stung so much!Oh,did SHE learn her lesson,all right!

"What are we learning?" Ludwig asked as he spanked.

"OWWWW.....sniff,sob!T-to be careful...with files...."

"And?" he asked,spanking the sitspots.

"Waaaahh,not lying!" she sobbed.

Ludwig nodded."Go face the corner.Ten minutes,no rubbing."

"S-sir..." she whined.


Manda cried loudly as she went to the corner,staying her tearfully for ten sore minutes.Once it was over,he called her over,and hugged her.

Manda sobbed as her boss assured she was forgiven....

"Just make sure it does not happen again." Ludwig warned,wiping a tear off Manda's face.

"I-I promise,sir...!" Manda said,finnaly smiling.

She went back to her work,learning to be more careful.

Comission for NatiaDimal.Hope you like it,my friend! ^_^

Manda(NatiaDimal's OC) is learning to be more careful with documents,even virtual ones! And that trying to hide it from her boss is NEVER a good idea....O_O
NatiaDimal Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2017
Yay, I loved reading this story! Poor Manda, she means well though.
mastervegeta Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2017
Glad you liked it! ^_^
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